Posted on: November 16, 2009 10:47 am

My weekly bottom 10 11-16-2009

  1. N.J. Tech Highlanders logoNew Jersey Tech- i think they have won 2 games in three years nuff said
  2. Hou. Baptist Huskies logoHouston Baptist- they are already 0-3 and with michigan next good luck to them
  3. Savannah St. Tigers logoSavannah State- yes they are 1-0 but they beat a d-II team
  4. Alabama Crimson Tide logoAlabama- In General i should put the  whole SEC in here but that would be to fun
  5. Mississippi St. Bulldogs logo Mississippi State- Not only did they lose to rider they lost by 14
  6. Campbell Fighting Camels logo Campbell- There Mascot the fighting camels good enough for me
  7. North Florida Ospreys logo North Florida- they are going to be in my game of the WEAK with savannah state this week
  8. Southern Utah Thunderbirds logoSouth Utah- no comment needed
  9. Seton Hall Pirates logoSeton Hall- anybody that almost loses to st. pete deserves to be here
  10. High Point Panthers logo High point- well they lead my poll down
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Posted on: October 16, 2008 1:31 am

My Big East Predictions

1 Louisville - The deepest and most potent tram in this league

2 Pittsburgh- very good back court with young and blair but they are choke artists

3 Connecticut- vey good guards but thabeet is very overrated

4 Villanova- very good guards suspect in the front court

5 Maquette- there awsome guards will lead this team but agin very suspect in the front court

6 Notre Dame- all i gotta say is super serial overrated

7 Georgetown- is overrated j/k. very good front court but they are very young

8 West Virginia- very good guards but they are very young

9 Providence- they are the 9th and final big east team to get a ncaa bid

10 Syracuse- isnt it time for Boeheim to retire the key here is how long will it take devendorf to get back to him self

11 Cincinnatti- very young team my dark horse to get that 9th ncaa bid

12 Seton Hall decent team might take out a couple teams

13 Rutgers- they suck plain and simple

14 Depaul- see above

15 South Florida- See 13

16 Saint Johns- see 13

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Posted on: October 8, 2008 12:58 am
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My Preseason top 25

1 University of North Carolina

2 University of Louisville

3 Universiy of Connecticut

4 University of Pittsburgh

5 Michigan State University

6 Purdue University

7 University of Nevada Las Vegas

8 University of Tennessee

9 Unversity of California Los Angelas

10 Duke University

11 Villanova University

12 Gonzaga University

13 Notre Dame University

14 University of Texas

15 Kansas University

16 Marquette University

17 Oklahoma University

18 University of Memphis 

19 University of Alabama Birmingham

20 Georgetown Unversity

21 West Virginia University

22 Miami (FL) 

23 Syracuse University

24 University of Wisconsin

25 University of Florida

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